Loans secured by motor vehicle

Loans secured by motor vehicle i.e. pledge loans represent a
credit option where the loan is secured by a car, motorcycle, ATV,
watercraft, nowmobile, utility vehicles (tractor, bulldozer, truck, bus etc).
Pledge loans do not place restrictions on how the money is used,
enabling you to cover any necessary expenses. Applying for a pledge loan is quick and easy.
We will reply in a few hours.

  • The security will remain in our possession in a paid
    guarded parking lot
  • Loans are granted to private individuals as well as companies as a bank transfer or
    in cash if required
  • Interest starting from 2,5% a month (approx. 30% a year) on loan balance

Advantages and terms and conditions of the pledge loan:

• All you need is an identity document, and an instrument proving ownership of the pledged object
• Loan period subject to agreement except with annuity schedules of up to two years.
• Minimum loan amount 1,000 euros, maximum loan amount 30,000 euros
• Free appraisal of the pledged object
• Loan amount up to 75% of the value of the pledged object
• Flexible repayment options: monthly interest payments, and single repayment of the loan amount
   or annuity schedule (you’re repaying the loan amount with interest as a monthly payment)
• No contract fee and free contract renewal
• The security will remain in our possession in a paid guarded parking lot; the borrower must be the owner of the pledged
   object, and if the pledged object is a registered object it must be registered to the borrower’s name for at least three
   months before the loan transaction is concluded.

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