Loans secured by real estate

Loans secured by real estate i.e. mortgage loansrepresent a credit option where the loan is secured by real estate– an apartment, private residence, summer house or registered immovable (plot of land). Mortgage loans do not place restrictions on how the money is used, rendering the loan helpful in the case of major purchases or unexpected expenses. Applying for a real estate loan is quick and easy; we will reply to your application within one working day.

  • Loans are granted to companies as a bank transfer or in cash if required.
  • Interest starting from 1,3% a month (approx. 16% a year) on loan balance

Advantages and terms and conditions of the mortgage loan:

• We do not require excessive documentation
• Loan interest starting from 16% a year (approx. 1.3% a month)
• Loan period from two months to 15 years
• Minimum loan amount 2,000 euros, maximum loan amount 200,000 euros
• Free real estate appraisal
• Loan amount up to 70% of the value of the real estate; up to 100% in the case of additional security
• Flexible repayment options: monthly interest payments, single repayment or annuity schedule
• Free contract conclusion, extension of loan period and amendment of loan agreement
• Expenses related to establishment of a mortgage (notary fees and state fee) can be paid from the loan amount

* Loans are available for second mortgages

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